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How many times have you had a fresh coat of paint put on your home’s exterior? Our siding company proudly offers you a much easier solution. Adding vinyl siding to your home is extremely affordable, and it will give your home added value and durability. When it comes to standing up to the harsh weather we can experience in Western New York, there’s nothing better. Vinyl siding also requires little, if any, maintenance. Having vinyl siding installed on your home costs nearly the same as painting it twice while lasting 10 times longer! The bottom line? You will spend less money over time and need less maintenance as well.  

At M. H. White Roofing, Siding & Windows, we serve Amherst, Lockport, Williamsville, and surrounding areas. We also specialize in roofing and windows!
vinyl siding installation - Lockport, NY

Types of Vinyl Siding

Shakes & Scallops: Shakes imitate the look of wood siding with their vertical lines and cedar texture. Scallops add a classic wood-grain finish with the soft touch of rounded edges. This type of vinyl siding will work on either your entire home or as an accent on larger homes for a visually stunning contrast.
shakes & scallops siding contractors - Amherst, NY
Traditional: This type of vinyl siding is also known as clapboard style. It is the most popular style choice among homeowners. This type also creates the look of traditional wood siding, as each “board” seems to overlap the one below it. The panels are also closer to the exterior wall to create a thinner profile.
traditional siding installation - Lockport, NY
Dutchlap: These profiles are close to bevel style, but add a sharply-angled bevel right underneath each “overlap.” This allows the siding to have softer shadow lines to give it a more distinctive look.
Dutchlap siding installation - Williamsville, NY
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